Top 20 reasons to chose Dr.Anca of   the Progressive Medicine Centre as your Naturopathic Dr.  guiding you on Your Natural Path

1. Our Philosophy – is one of holistic healing and our program focuses on strengthening mind, body, spirit, and emotional well-being. Although the mind, body, and spirit may be damaged by different reasons, we know it can be healed through one-on-one  therapy, life coaching, group therapy, nutritional therapy, and an individualized exercise program. Working a layered-step program leads to a spiritual awakening and provides fellowship. Through our holistic programs, our patients gain physical, mental, and emotional tools to live a purposeful and fulfilling life . The Progressive Medicine Centre provides quality, affordable, naturopathic treatments for  chronic disease, cancer  and stroke recovery, etc. We believe the diseases  start  on the energetic level  and later on manifest on physical, emotional and mental levels therefore  balancing the energetic level  is the first step towards successful recovery . Our mission is to provide  quality chronic care programs, which consider  the whole person at an affordable cost. There is hope and we are here to help each patient  find lifelong recovery from disease. To learn more about Naturopathy, visit here.

2. Customized Treatment Plan - At the P.M.C., we  know that each person is unique and has a different life experiences and circumstances. We do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” treatment plans. That is why we take pride in getting to know each patient and his or her personal life experiences. Our professional health care  team of doctors, nutritioninsts, and therapists, along with patient input, develops individualized treatment plans. For more information watch our Introductory Videos.

 3. The “Onion” Approach – The layered approach is the most effective way to understand a patient; it is proven and it works successfully. Healing  takes place as a result of the patient participating fully in the healing process and slowly starting to take charge of their own health. By taking responsibility for their own health, patients discover a Power greater than self within themselves – guiding them towards choices in the future. Taking responsibility and taking charge of their own health, realizing they have choices and it’s up to them to make the healthy choice… is the key to successful recovery from any disease. The layered approach helps the Dr. look at each patient like an “onion”, with many layers covering the important core = which signifies optimal health.

In order to reach optimal health, one has to address priorities at each layer, “working” through the “onion” layers one at a time. For more information, watch Dr.Anca’s Welcome Videos.

4. Integrative  Approach – Dr. Anca practices eclectically,  combining naturopathic tools (Clinical nutrition, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Bach Flower remedies, Ayurvedic Medicine, physical therapies, hydrotherapy, Botanical medicine, Homeopathy, Bio-Energetic medicine, etc.) for the benefit of each patient, therefore she is  able to provide the most individualized treatment plan.

She always upgrades her knowledge through continuing education courses, therefore keeping up with the latest researched therapies in the Naturopathic field.

5. Lifestyle Changes Emphasis - Along with emphasizing taking charge of your health,Dr. Anca stresses out the importance of lifestyle changes in your healing process. Anyone can prescribe/take pills and liquid remedies, but that is just practicing allopathy with natural remedies. One of Naturopathy’s strengths is lifestyle change towards better healthy habits and daily  practices.

Lifestyle changes are usually harder to occur, but with Dr. Anca’s guidance and support, our patients accumulate good healthy habits to last a lifetime in the shortest time possible.

Lifestyle changes also cause long-lasting results in the body and decrease the risk of all other diseases; they are also more affordable in the long run than pills and liquid remedies. For more information, read  about Naturopathy.

6. Fitness Advice – Exercise promotes health, self-confidence, and mental well-being. We encourage physical activity through yoga exercise, nature hikes, cardio and strength training. Although not a fitness instructor, Dr.Anca has been an avid fitness enthusiast for over 25 years;  she has personally trained with some of the best physical therapists both in Europe and in Canada, and exercises regularly every day. For Dr.Anca’s Fitness Recommendations, visit here.

7. Intimate Setting - We have a safe, comfortable, small, and intimate setting that has a home feel. Even on her follow-up online courses, Dr.Anca only allows up to 30 participants in a class, in order to maintain the individualized approach. She  does not take every patient. She  wants  to ensure that her energy and effort are being spent on people committed to their optimal health success;  she also wants to ensure Naturopathy is the right road for you to follow.

8. Family Therapy – We understand that disease  affects the entire family. Therefore, we provide education, therapy, and support for the family, mostly through online courses on individual support.

Dr.Anca encourages the family members( considering the patient’s consent) to have an active role in a patient’s recovery to better health, be it supportive, or by balancing out themselves to offer strength at the right times. What the different schools of family therapy have in common is a belief that, regardless of the origin of the problem, and regardless of whether the patients consider it an “individual” or “family” issue, involving families in solutions is often beneficial. This involvement of families is commonly accomplished by their direct participation in the  session, with the patient’s consent.

9. Aftercare Plan – intensive follow-up is an essential part of any successful treatment program. Once the patient is brought to optimal health,  every one  “graduates” with a detailed aftercare plan developed by the patient, Dr.Anca and any other health care professional involved. The patient  has the responsibility and accountability to follow the aftercare plan. Dr.Anca also offers her patients continuing education through empowering them to take charge of their own health through online memberships at different levels. Dr.Anca  monitors the patient and the progress of the aftercare plan.

 10. Affordable – We do not believe that a course of  treatment needs to cost $15,000 – $40,000 per month like many of our competitors. We know that economic times are tough and sometimes health care can get expensive, and we believe that people who want treatment should be able to afford it.

One of Dr.Anca ‘s life goals is to change the present health care paradigm to  one that would allow you to Hire Your Doctor to keep you healthy.

At the begining, a Naturopathic Treatment is the most expensive (because usually people approaching Naturopathy for the first time present with many issues), then as the patient changes his/her lifestyle, the treatments get less costly. Your perseverance WILL pay off exponential dividents in the long run.

 11. Familiarity-We treat our patients like family. Don’t let that fool you:  CONFIDENTIALITY IS A MUST

12.Punctuality-  Dr.Anca Martalog is always on time, prepared for your appointment, and in return she expects the same from her patients.  Please be respectfull and reciprocate!

13.Availability- available for emergencies 24 hrs; over the phone. Even on vacation and out of the country (training at a seminar/course), we still check and respond to phone  messages regularly;  in emergency cases, we respond asap. 

14.Solidarity - we offer 10%discount on the first visit to all family members of our patients .We want ALL your loved ones to be healthy.

15.Community Help- we offer 10%discount on the first visit to students, seniors and unemployed. We LOVE & VALUE  our community we live in.

16.Support-free educational talks on a bi-monthly basis, in order to keep our patients informed and empowered . Even once the treatment course has been terminated, having achieved optimal health the patients are still being supported through our online tools(Tele-seminars, various levels of Memberships, E-Courses, etc.)

17.Appreciation- Free infrared sauna treatment (see our Hydrotherapy tab) for 1 New patient referral .Thank you for your plentifull refferals!

18.Dedication-we return messages (e-mail and phone) in a promptly and timely manner (less than 12 hrs.), if not immediately.

19.Responsibility- Once under Dr. Anca’s care, she continuosly works on your case (be it while training or attending professional conferences in the weekend, or when on vacation).


20.Involvement- – Dr. Anca is so dedicated and passionate about Naturopathy and her patients, that once you become  her patient or mentee (online ‘student”) she will “bend backwards” for your well being. She cares  and empathizes with your discomfort


Call our office for an appointment:   905-884-7965   or register for one of our upcoming E-Courses/Tele-sessionswww.askdoctoranca.com


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