Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping a client achieve their health goals…to remove the health blocks that have been holding you back or preventing you from living the life you want.  Maybe it is more energy through better sleep or diet, perhaps it is less time feeling sick and unwell or it might be learning how to live with a chronic condition in a way that enables you to still do the things you love and to enjoy life.  This is what drives me on a daily basis.


I believe most health concerns can benefit from practical naturopathic advice and treatment. Some of the problems I see in my clinic include insomnia, anxiety, stress, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight issues, fatigue, low energy, high blood pressure, digestive problems, menopausal issues, menstrual disorders, poor immunity and many more.  I have written about how naturopathy can help you. You can always learn more..


I draw on a number of tools, used individually or in combination, to determine the most suitable and tailored approach to achieving your health goals.  Different naturopaths practice in different ways and it’s important to find one who you can connect with.  I have written more about how I work to help you understand my approach.

Diseases are multifactorial and complex.

Most doctors base their diagnosis on symptoms they observe in patients. The cause of these symptoms is important to know, but even more important is to understand what caused the imbalance in the system in the first place. In order to get to the root cause of these imbalances the best way is to perform a Body Scan.

Through bio-feedback, this gives the clinician objective diagnostic information.

Once the root cause is identified, an effective treatment plan can be developed.

As the owner of PROgressive MEDicine Center and the resident naturopath, it is my aim to provide you with advice which is realistic and tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.


Additionally to having helped 1000’s with Naturopathy, I have overcome breast cancer and stroke myself, so I understand the pressures and health problems that stem from a demanding career and lifestyle.

Naturopathy saved my life in both of these occasions, and I am confident it can help you too.

Sometimes, naturopaths can be a little unrealistic in what they expect of their clients. My advice has to work in the context of your real day-to-day life, not some “ideal” life. That is why my approach to naturopathy is collaborative.  The best results come when you are included and involved in the treatment.

Most naturopaths and functional medicine doctors believe in seeking the root cause of disease, but use only subjective symptoms to do so; in my experience, this is not enough. That’s why in my office I use the Body scan, which gives me an objective picture of the patient’s health issues; it’s like the Body Scan deciphers your body’s language.

Based on both subjective and objective findings, the proper root cause is revealed.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in living your best life.

Yours in good health,

Anca Martalog,N.D.

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