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Welcome to Dr. Anca’s New Personal Access Portal!

ask-q-get aDr. Anca and our entire team are thrilled & excited for the opportunity to connect with YOU personally and individually, and we want to warmly Thank you! for taking the time to visit this page.

Though Dr. Anca coaches just a handful of private clients at a time, it is our heartfelt intention that this page becomes a place for all natural health seekers to receive clear direction for growth, health and fulfillment in uncertain or challenging times.

We invite you to consider this page as YOUR personal access point to Dr. Anca.

It is the place to ask for help, for clarity, for direction regarding any circumstance ~ personal or professional ~ that is causing you distress, uncertainty, fear or stagnation in any area of your health and life.


Here’s how it works…

Dr.Anca will personally review your questions entered on the communities Facebook pages and answer each one.Each week, Dr. Anca will also select the most popular question and answer it via her bi-monthly E-Zine, “Second Opinion” .To sign up for Dr.Anca’s “Second Opinion” E-Zine, delivered straight into your Inbox twice a month, visit here.

To check out Dr.Anca’s online communities, visit here. There are 3 specific communities you can participate in: stroke, cancer and healthy living.



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