Guidelines for taking Homeopathics


All remedies marked *h after their names are homeopathics, therefore subscribe to these Guidelines.

To obtain optimum results from homeopathy, please follow these instructions carefully. Failure to do so may result in the remedies losing their potency and becoming inert.

1.     Keep the remedies in the container in which they are supplied and never transfer to any other container which has contained other substances.

2.     Take nothing by mouth at least 20 minutes before and after taking homeopathic medicine (e.g. food, coffee, mint-toothpaste- unless homeopathic (see Products), breath-freshener, tic-tac, tea, gum, etc.)

3.      For alcohol sensitivity, remedies may be diluted in 2-3oz.  of purified boiling – hot water. Allow 20 minutes before taking to let  the alcohol to evaporate.

4.     Should trauma to the mouth occur (dental surgery, etc.), remedies may be taken in the interim by applying topically to the wrist.

5.     If, by accident, more pills or tablets than the prescribed dose are taken out of the bottle, they must, or no account, be returned to the container, but should be thrown away. To put them back would risk contaminating the remainder.

6.     Homeopathics will not interfere with prescription drugs;  thy work on the energetic level of your body, where drugs affect your body’s biochemistry.

7.     The following may inhibit absorption and effectiveness of homeopathics; please avoid if possible:

Nicotine and caffeine in any form (coffee, chocolate, carbonated drinks, etc.).  Note that even drinks labelled “decaffeinated” can have some caffeine present.

Strong fumes of any kind, especially solvents. Also, strong perfumes and other aromatics (camphor, menthol (as contained in some liniments, lozenges & nasal drops), moth balls, carbolic soap, aromatic spices and essential oils).

Raw garlic – avoid for at least one hour before and after taking remedies.

Strong light, direct sunlight and great heat (120F)-Store remedies in a cool, dry place, but avoid refrigerators.

Mint including: Candies, chewing gum, toothpaste (try HOMEOFRESH chewing gum and toothpaste), mouthwash, peppermint and chamomile teas.

All electrical appliances, microwave ovens and X-ray machines (airports, dental/medical offices). Note that if remedies accidentally pass through the X-ray machines, they can be re-potentized; it is not necessary to discard them. When flying, do not send remedies through X-ray machine, ask the airport attendant to hand-check them. You’d be surprised how many people know about these guidelines and homeopathics!

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