Holistic Health Examiner Magazine

Holistic Health Examiner Magazine

…helping you navigate through the Holistic Health jungle….

Let Holistic Health Examiner help you make the right decisions about your health!

HHE is the only online magazine that helps people discover how to best use holistic information and services so they can take charge of their own health. It features expert advice and suggestions on how to best navigate through the health care jungle. in all areas of holistic health.

Our mission is to organize medical and holistic health info to make it accessible, useful and easy to use.

You can access it one of two ways.


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 If you’ve got an iPad, go into the Newsstand

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Option 2 – On every other device viaPDF

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For use on any other device,you can grab

the PDF version of the last Issue above.















We are now accepting submission from qualified experts for our next issue; if interested, check out our Contributors’ Guidelines

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